We Now Have Discord!

I’ve set up a discord server for our little community here.

First of all, the invite link to the server is – https://discord.gg/d8z2nXm

Let’s get some of the information on the server out shall we?

Everyone is welcome to the discord! Only thing that I would like to request is for everyone to be respectful of one another.
There is no need for unnecessary name calling or abuses.

With that out of the way, let me list some of the features.

  • A fun little levelling system [MEE6] which gives you xp the more you message in our channels. (Though keep in mind that there is a 1 min cooldown after a message so spamming won’t level you quickly)
    You’ll get ranks based on your levels!
    The ranks are as follows:
    Lv 1 – The Friendly
    Lv 5 – The Talkative
    Lv 25 – The Loyal
    Lv 50 – The Dedicated
    Lv 100 – The Demigod of Time
    Lv 150 – The God of Time & Space [Has Priority Speaker]

    Use command !rank to see your own level and !levels to get a link to the server’s leaderboard

  • The discord is connected to Patreon so you get your own rank if you’re a patron.
    Not to mention, the “Demon Lord” Patreon ranks have their names in separate lists from the online users.
    (Do ensure that your discord account and Patreon account use the same email)
  • Patrons also get a separated private channel for all their, on-the-go scheming and plotting to take over the world!
  • Though I haven’t added many bots to the server, I am open to adding some fun ones.
    Once you join, you can use the BOT-Requests channel to ask for the ones you’re interested in and if it’s nice, then we can consider adding it to the server.

That, there, ends my report for the day~

Let me know your thoughts and I hope to see you all in the discord soon!

Support would be appreciated~

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