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So, I finally set up my Patreon page and while the tiers should be self-explanatory, there may be some ambiguity or confusion so allow me to clear everything up here.

Firstly, any and all support, whether verbal monetary or physical are extremely appreciated.
While this is a hobby, I am quite serious about it and everyone’s support helps me strive further.

Now, onto the tiers.

Civilian – As the perk, 1$ every month will be added to a (fictional) jar for sponsored chapters. This 1$ for sponsored will apply to all tiers so, 1$ from every patron will be added to that jar upto a maximum of $200 per month.

Why the limit?
The chapters of Hyaku Ma No Omo are extremely long so doing more than 1 extra chapter a week other than the patron chapters is extremely difficult unless I do this work full-time.
Royalty – 1 extra chapter will be posted for you guys (and all higher tiers), every Thursday. You will also have your names added to the patron credits for 1 week each month, meaning 3 chapters every month (unless there is a sponsored chapter).

Demon Lord – <king> – You guys (and all the higher tiers) will receive 2 extra chapters every week, so there will be 3 chapters posted on Thursday (1 public, 1 chapter for 5$+ patrons, 1 chapter for 10$+ patrons). You will also have your names added to the patron credits for 2 weeks every month, meaning, 8 chapters every month (more if sponsored).
You will also have a preferential say in the choice of a second novel I pick up in the future.

Demon Lord – <Emperor> – The same 2 extra chapters (I can’t offer even more extra chapters due to the length of each chapter) as well as your name on every chapter that is released.
You will have a higher weighted opinion when we decide on a second novel for me to pick up.

Demon Lord – <God> – The same 2 extra chapters as well as your name on every chapter released. You will also have your name displayed on a dedicated page for amazing patrons on the website.
You will have the highest weighted opinion when I choose another novel not to mention, the list of top 10 or 5 or whichever number will be ran by you guys to reduce it further before becoming a public vote.

I may make some changes to the tiers as the situation changes but I’ll definitely be letting everyone know about it before that happens.

Well, Yoroshiku~

Support would be appreciated~

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