Protection of White Lightning, Guidance of the Devil

TN Note:
I’m not very happy with the title of〈Devil〉 for Aiz.
The Japanese word used here is 天魔 (Read Tenma).
The Ten in Tenma means sky or heaven which fits perfectly for Aiz’s power but the ma part of Tenma means demon, devil, magic etc.

The others have a king, emperor or some such part in their titles like Elma has Sword Emperor. Unlike them, Aiz’s title is unique and when I tried to translate it, the best one I could do was Devil which is frankly not right.

Any suggestions on what I should change her title to? If I should change it at all that is.

「To the right!! Go further to the south!! Avoid the land dragons!!」

From behind Merea, the〈Sword Empress〉Elma yelled out

She looked like she wanted to say that the other demon lords should listen to every single one of her words.

Elma had understood the meaning behind Merea’s words faster than anyone else and,


She 『took responsibility』.


Actually, she wanted to go together with Merea.
However, she understood why Merea said those words and why he took those actions so she hesitated to follow him after understanding all that.

――You plan on throwing yourself at the land dragons don’t you?

He plans to do something about that annoying wall that the land dragons have made all by himself.

Whether they beat them or stay back.

In either case, until they can secure their passage to the east, Merea would keep undertaking that role.

In the event that the land dragons managed to hold them back and Mūzeg’s cavalry caught up to them then it would be game over.

That was why she could accept Merea’s choice as the right one.

「Don’t go too far!! It’ll end up as a detour instead」

However, one anxiety remained.

――Just one person, but one person.

It was in the fact that they had Merea jump into a situation with dangerous enemies, all alone.
Elma felt a different kind of responsibility compared to Merea.

That she had involved the other demon lords into a situation where they were chased by Mūzeg.

It was that kind of a self-reproachful thought.

The thought that had been running rampant in her mind all throughout the trip had been that very thought.

Which was why she would have been happy being the shield for everyone.

However, now.
Even though he should have also just been rolled up in the situation but he was currently trying to bear a weight that was much more than she herself felt.
That ended up leaving a lump of negativity in Elma’s heart.

「Gather up! People who have confidence in their strength stand on the outside!」

――But, you probably don’t want me to go together with you do you?

On one hand, she thought that as well.
If Merea had decided that then it was their jobs, having put him up in the position of 『Master』, to approve of it.

――I understand. I definitely understand.

In the gap between the two thoughts, she made a decision.


――Then I will respond to your thoughts first.


Elma took Merea’s thoughts and matched with them.
She ditched her own stubbornness, didn’t bother with any lip service and while apologizing to Merea in her mind, she spoke again.

「――Don’t turn around!! Run right through!!」

She changed her way of thinking things.

Merea will stop the three land dragons.

If it were Merea then he would definitely be able to safely regroup with them later.

In which case, she should answer Merea’s wish and lead everyone else through.

Now was the time to believe in her master.

「――Let’s go!!」

Elma once again raised her demon sword to the sky.


The demon lords group accelerated quickly in order to run through.

As if to let loose all the energy they had been accumulating so far, the demon lords as well as the horses roused themselves up.

Elma who was running at the forefront, didn’t even blink twice at the cloud of dust and had her entire attention on Mūzeg’s cavalry.

Although they seemed to be quite far but, as if they had realized that the demon lords had started to head to the south, the cavalry started to move around in a big arc to close them in.

「Their decisions are quite quick huh…!」

While her horse’s hooves were making a loud noise while running on the ground, she quietly cursed.

They were definitely veterans.

Even though they were covered in a dust cloud and they shouldn’t be able to see the actions that the demon lords were taking but they still seemed to be able to sense their intentions.

After seeing all that, Elma couldn’t even doubt whether the cavalry was comprised of elites or not.

「!! Oi!! They’re trying to do something!!」

Elma heard Salman yelling from behind her.

Although she didn’t have the leeway to turn around but as soon as she heard those words she once again concentrated her attention on Mūzeg’s cavalry.

Mūzeg’s cavalry had broken up into 『two rows』.

The speed of their formation change was quite amazing.

She unconsciously admired the level of refinement that their change in formation had even though they were riding on horses.

However, that wasn’t the problem right now.
The point that she had to concentrate on was their intention.


In the next moment, Elma noticed something in the vicinity of the cavalry corps that had broken away.
More accurately, she noticed a very obvious change in the route of the cavalry.

――『A technique formation』…!

They were planning on using some kind of magic.

Elma immediately felt herself grip her demon sword even stronger.

Was it an attack or was it some other magic?

The answer to that was immediately obvious.

The horses of the cavalry corps that had broken away steadily ran through the technique formation that had appeared in midair.

In the next instant, the horses accelerated at a strange speed.
That wasn’t an attack.

That was,

――an 『Acceleration Technique』.

This is bad.
Our expectations…are off.

It was a speed that they didn’t expect.
One portion of the cavalry that continued to chase after them at the same speed as they did till now.
Another portion of the cavalry that took a wide detour in order to ruin their retreat plans by accelerating.

While closing down our escape route,

――They plan to do a pincer attack…!

Although the acceleration wasn’t something that they could keep up for very long but that alone served to screw up the estimation that the demon lords had come up with.

There was a possibility that they might catch up.
It’s possible that they might get crushed if they did something wrong.

Any further detours would end up pushing them further away from Lemuse and had absolutely no meaning.

They were already proceeding along the route that could be considered the best possible route.

Elma hesitated.
Although they had taken a basic battle formation, if they actually fought properly then the group might just crumble.

The other side had split their forces in order to close in on the demon lords from both sides but that instead made their forces thin on both sides giving them a chance to break through but,

――I really can’t see it…!

It was quite dangerous.
In the confusion of the frontlines, to find the weak link in the enemy’s formation and attack there to breakthrough is something that a person with normal eyesight would never be able to achieve.

If she had a natural intuition or a strategic eye that deviated from the ordinary then it might have been possible but unfortunately, she had neither.

――What should I do?

How should I get away from the enemies?
What route should I take?
If we stop our feet, we’ll play right into their hands.

――I understand that.

However, even if they ride right into them now, would they really be able to breakthrough.

Elma’s impatience reached its boiling point and she unconsciously cursed out loud.

「Damn it! I’ve never felt more jealous of a bird’s sight before..!」

If she could have a bird’s eye view of the situation then she might be able to do something about the current situation.
The moment she said that, she suddenly gasped.

Elma had impulsively come up with a 『reply』 to her own words.

――Bird’s eye view…!!

She realised it.
As soon as she realised it, she was about to turn around.
However, before she could turn around, a voice reached Elma’s ears from behind her.


「I’ll, be your eyes…!」


She felt a warmth coming from her back.
She remembered well that voice that came from the young girl.
More than anything, it was the voice that she wanted to hear.


「I got on!」

The one who was probably the thinnest in the group and the weakest member, the girl with silver eyes.

「Did you just jump from one horse to another in this kind of a situation!?」

On top of a horse. In the state where they were riding at full speed.

「Marisa-san helped out a little…!」

Suddenly, a thin arm wrapped around Elma’s stomach from behind her, seeing that Elma unintentionally laughed.
This was without a doubt Aiz’s arm.

She had actually managed to jump from one horse to another in the middle of this situation where the horses were running at full speed.

「Hahaha! You might just be most daring person in this group!」

In the middle of sounds of the horses pounding on the ground with their hooves, Elma couldn’t help but raise such a shout.

――If she had failed, she might even have died!

No, if she had fallen, then she would have been stepped on by the other demon lord’s horses and without a doubt she would have died.

Even though she knew that, she still jumped over from Marisa’s horse over to hers.

In order to let Elma know the path they should take with her〈Magic Eyes of the Devil〉.

Marisa who followed up such an Aiz probably had a stiff expression on her face.

The self-proclaimed maid who devoted too much of herself to Merea and Aiz probably felt like a mother making her beloved child walk along a cliff while watching Aiz jump over.

Not to mention, Aiz who was oddly stubborn at times wouldn’t have pulled back even if she was told to.

In the end, Marisa was probably forced to help her out.

Elma once again imagined that ice beauty’s cold expression being coloured with a very human-like impatience and couldn’t help lightly laughing again.

She then quickly turned her attention back to the current situation.

「『Can you see it』?」


She had already started using her〈Magic Eyes of the Devil〉.

As soon as she confirmed that, she spoke up to give Aiz more confidence and help her in her decisions.

「It’s fine if it’s subjective! If Aiz feels that we can get through then grab onto my stomach with your full force! If you feel we can’t do it then tightly pinch my sides to let me know!」

「W, with my full force…!」

「It’s fine! My abs aren’t weak enough to hurt just from your grabbing onto them!」

In order to help Aiz not feel scared, Elma said those things lightly and waited for Aiz’s judgement.

The time she was waiting for Aiz’s reply felt unnecessarily long.

Although it might have been a short moment but seeing Mūzeg’s cavalry gradually get closer made her unable to feel anything else.

At that moment, Elma noticed something.
The figures of the adult land dragons that had been flitting in the corner of her eyes were…no longer there.

With mixed feelings of impatience and relief, she impulsively kept looking around.
She was trying to find the figures of the land dragons.

――There they are.

As she looked around, she noticed the three land dragons who were wrapped in a 『strange white flash』 and were hesitating.

The moment she noticed that, she couldn’t help but feel a deep admiration.

――You really are an amazing guy huh…, Merea.

Even that single moment was enough to understand the situation.

The white light became a line as it shot out at unbelievable speeds and wrapped around the three land dragons, binding them in place.

That white light was lightning.

Just extremely fast.
With a strange wind wrapped around it that made it look like wings.
It flew straight and struck the land dragons straight in the face…a white lightning.

It reacted immediately to any movement from the land dragons and would strike them on their nose as if trying to crush it.

The insane stubborness of the land dragons coupled with the fact that there was not even a slight gap to allow them to dodge the blows lead to them not even being able to get a single decisive blow in.

If they were to take their eyes off the land dragons for even a moment, they would end up reaching them in the blink of an eye.

So, this method was probably to avoid that from happening which is why he chose attacks that prioritised speed.

The very fact that he was able to subdue those land dragons all alone was already a situation where no one could ever criticize him.

The moment after she confirmed Merea’s figure…the arms that Aiz had wrapped around her stomach squeezed tightly.

――…Got it.

She confirmed Aiz’s answer.
In that case, the responsibility of leading the other demon lords was,

――In the name of the〈Sword Emperor〉.

「Alright, we’ll breakthrough the weak link in the enemy’s formation. ――Don’t worry! I’ll definitely protect you! That’s why, you guide us!」


When she confirmed that Aiz had leaned further into her own body, Elma made up her mind.

At that point it was already possible to estimate exactly where they would intersect with Mūzeg’s cavalry.

――We’re going to collide.


――I won’t hesitate anymore.

The demon sword felt like it was crying out for blood.

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i have edited my comment as i felt it too rude, and i seem to have read your reply wrong again.
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Tenma (天魔) is a reference to a demon in the Realm of Desire who tries to prevent people from doing good. It’s one of the Shima (四魔) (The Four Demons) of Buddhist Lore.


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