A Slight Change to Patreon Tiers

Hi guys,
So, I have tested my pace out for the last few weeks and frankly, posting 4 chapters a week is quite difficult.

If this were my full time job, or at least to the point where I can assign half of my maximum priority to it then I should be able to go ahead and post 4 or even more a week but well, that can’t really happen anytime soon.

So for now, all the 10$+ tiers will also only get 1 extra chapter every week.

This is also a decision so that I don’t get burned out translating and also leave me some time so that, if I ever want to translate another novel (shorter ones, nothing as long as Hyaku Ma No Omo) then I should be able to.

Sorry for any inconveniences, hope you guys can understand.

Support would be appreciated~

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